Halloween Party Costume Themes and Invitation Wording Ideas

Colorful Halloween costume party themes assist in ensuring your celebration is frightening, spooktacular, and unique. Choosing your theme will save you lots of time as you decide on your invitations and decorating ideas and more easily and ensure your party invitations for Halloween complement your overall celebration. You can plan your ghoulish celebration knowing where and how to select your party themes for Halloween. Those whom you invite to your event will also appreciate the fact that they know the type Halloween costume what will be best for the occasion. A costume theme party is awesome and will reduce the fuss and confusion. For all these reasons, you’ll definitely want to get your guests together for a spooky good time.

Carnival Party Themes for Halloween – A carnival party theme is most popular for children parties. You can begin by creating the carnival atmosphere and mood by planning fun and exciting games like costume contest, candy corn bowling, and other popular carnival games. For decorations, you can spray paint bowling pins with acrylic colorful paint such as orange, yellow, and white, and then distribute these pins all over the room to liven it up. Outside on the porch, you can place colorful streamers and balloons and pumpkins filled with candy to welcome guests to your little carnival and. For costumes, you and your guests should also dress as a clown to really emphasis the carnival theme.

Pumpkin Carving Theme, Always Popular – Carving pumpkin themes remain very popular Halloween themes with the kids. Lots of parents prefer this particular theme since the children always have a good time carving their very own pumpkin and playing similar type Halloween games. Decorating for this type celebration is easier since you can use oranges and pumpkins to transform your house into a kid friendly Halloween venue. Plastic rakes, dry leaves, hay, and other decorative ideas that symbolize the harvest season are really good decorations for carving a pumpkin party. For an appropriate food menu, you can have pumpkin pie, pumpkin tart, cupcakes, cookies, and colorful drinks like orange juice. You’ll want to ensure you have lots of carving materials at the ready position; plus, you can ask the guests to bring decorations for their pumpkin.

Halloween Invitation Wording Samples and Ideas – You will go to lots of planning for your event so you really want to create some truly unique and appropriate Halloween invitation wordings for the occasion. Halloween, as celebrated with lots of spirits on October 31st, is second only to Christmas as the most important holiday of the year. As we all know, the colors are black and orange as black is the epitome for darkness and death while orange is symbolization of the Fall season and harvest. It is this during this holiday that people enjoy wearing really weird and scary Halloween costumes, visiting haunted houses, telling scary ghost stories, and, most important for the kids, trick-or-treating. This is the date that children wear their scariest costumes and go from house to house asking for treats. Other enjoyable activities include pulling pranks, going on ghost tours, attending costume parties, and bonfires.

As you begin thinking about how you want to word your party invitations, you’ll want to know the essential details that should be included and those details that are optional. You will definitely want to include the date, time, and venue, plus other details such as the theme of the party, drinks, and food. And, if your event is for kids, or adults, or for both, then it is recommended that you indicate this. For instance, if kids are allowed, you might include, ‘kids welcome’ and so on.

There are some holiday websites that specialize in personalized party invitations for Halloween that offer lots of totally unique and original images for the occasion. You will want to seek out these and find images of witches, haunted houses, ghosts, pumpkins, and more for your customized Halloween invitations. And, after selecting your theme Halloween invitation design, you can add your own special wordings, sayings, and verses on them. So, be sure and get some truly scary Halloween invitation designs to add your party invite wordings to and heighten the fun.

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Details for Planning Invitations, Costumes, and Music for Oktoberfest Party Celebrations

For the past two centuries, annually millions of partiers travel to the capital city of Munich, Bavarian, to participate in and enjoy the drinking, dancing, dining, and other celebrating activities we now call, ‘Oktoberfest‘. Those who have attended these events know that beer, polka music, and bratwurst are definitely a potent combination and are a recipe for good times. For those partygoers who journey overseas find these celebrations are real budget buster. However, there are alternatives for those who want to still enjoy the German tradition and celebration. Consider having your own Oktoberfest party in your own home and hometown. There are many ways to ensure that your local and individual party has lots of the oom-pah as the Bavarian-themed parties and get togethers. Consider these ideas and suggestions to help you along the way.

Dancing Oktoberfest Party Invitations

For Your Music, Bring on the Band or CDs

You will definitely want to play traditional German music at your party. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and can, in fact, be as simple as playing a collection of polka music CDs or create a custom play list with a radio online streaming service. However, for ultimate thigh-slapping and foot-stomping fun, you will want to have a live party band. These specialty type bands are known for their audience participation and high energy and will usually add considerable Bavarian flavor to your celebration. With all this rhythm, it’ll definitely get your guests up and moving. For suitable banks, just give a quick look at your local talent agencies what can usually direct you to suitable performers in your area. Most of these bands will have a website with sound samples so you can audition them from the comfort of your home.

Add Oktoberfest Costumes to the Guests-to-do List

If you contract with a band, they’ll probably be decked out in traditional Bavarian dress, lederhosen for the men and dirndls for the women. To add even more authenticity to your celebration party, ask your invited guests to come dressed appropriately for the occasion. For those situations where climate and space is possible, you might consider having the entire party outside. However, you might find a bit of resistance with the idea of grown men dressed in leather shorts and suspenders cavorting in your outdoors and possibly frightening your neighbors. So, the safer route is to just play it safe and just dress up your home for the occasion. The inclusion of a few German flags, streamers, and table decorations with Bavarian blue and white diamond-patterned tableware will add to the festive atmosphere while keeping your reputation intact.

And, Some Final Thoughts . . .

Oktoberfest Beer Invitation Cads

Although this holiday is primarily for the adults, don’t forget the kids. You can serve the always popular hot dogs and root beer along with traditional autumn favorites like candied apples and pumpkin pie. It’s always good to maybe have pumpkins available for carving, with adult supervision, and face painting, all aimed at keeping them entertained. And, finally, the popular beers of Oktoberfest are known for their higher alcohol content, so use caution and serve them in moderation. It’s always appropriate to offer non-alcoholic drinks and alternatives. Furthermore, above all, ensure all your guests have a designated driver. With all these features and options, you’re set to have a fun, exciting, and memorable Oktoberfest party celebration that will be enjoyed and remembered by all who attend.

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Planning Your Own Oktoberfest Party Activities Including Lots of Tasty Beer

The Oktoberfest celebrations and festivals, believe it or not, are the largest activities of these types and are held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This 16-day festival begins in 2014 on September 25th and continues through October 5th and has in excess of 6 million visitors and participates worldwide. The people in the area of the celebrations call the event Wiesn, honoring the fairgrounds, or the colloquial name of Theresienwiese. These types of Oktoberfest fairs began 1810 and are an iparty invitations for Oktoberfestmportant part of Bavarian culture. It is quite common for cities worldwide to organize and host Oktoberfest celebrations that are very similar to the original Munich fair and celebrations.

Lots to Eat, But More to Drink

One of the more important elements of any party, but more so with Oktoberfest celebrations, is having the right food and plenty to drink. For this occasion, you’ll definitely want to impress your guests with a variety of traditional German dishes, like bratwurst, pretzels, sauerkraut, and potato pancakes. And, as the finisher, the German chocolate cake, apple strudel, or black licorice is simply a must have. But, the most important refreshment is, of course, plenty of drinks on hand, especially beer, to help your guests wash down all the appetizing German themed foods. You might even want to add to your decor by having a convenient beer tasting station, stocked with a variety of unique German beers.

Lively Music and Dancing for Entertainment

You should take a little extra time deciding on just the right music for your Octoberfest celebration. After you find what you think will be ideal, then you can download several albums and play them throughout the festivities. One suggestion is to include the ever-popular ‘chicken dance’, as it is always the most requested song. Plus, the dance is easy enough to appeal to those who are somewhat less coordinated. For those who want live entertainment, your best bet is with a small band that knows the polka and other types of traditional German music. However, as with most specialty holidays, these type bands are in high demand during these times, so start looking and book as early as you can.

Encouraging Themed Costumes

invitations for Oktoberfest partyA colorful costume will really add to the spirit of the party, as there’s nothing quite like seeing all your friends in creative and multihued costumes. For example, the men can dole themselves out in lederhosen and suspenders, and the ladies can get all dressed up as the traditional Bavarian beer gal, including the ever popular blond braids. In fact, you might want to consider some of these ideas and themes when personalizing your themed Oktoberfest party invitations, along with your festive party invite wordings. And, for those who really want to get into the spirit of the occasion, you can give each guest a green Tyrolean style hats.

Hosting an Oktoberfest party at home or locally is both fun and exciting. As devoted Oktoberfest enthusiasts, we endeavor to be the most comprehensive resource for any and all Oktoberfest questions and needs and take great pride in ensuring the detailed information provided is helpful for you authentic Oktoberfest celebration and not just a German themed party.

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Fun Halloween Party Games and Invitations for the Kiddies

Halloween party games invites

kids Halloween games invitation cards

The cold sound of a howling wind; the frightening touch of a cold corpse; and the awkward feeling of your heart in your throat are all senses and feelings that seem to come alive at Halloween. And, it’s a time to promote these scary feelings with your spine-tingling Halloween party invites along with your spooky and fun kids Halloween games that’ll guarantee your kiddie guests will be spell bound with the fun and excitement, beginning with the receipt of their party invitations for Halloween. Here are some spooky games for Halloween boys and girls.

Wacky Halloween Curtains for to All Children

Set the stage with a modern laboratory look that appears menacing under the lights of the operating room, but will prove frightening to your party guests. Use your operating room setup as the stage to entertain your invited guests with a gruesome, and possibly, bloody and shadow play. Just before the show begins, hang a white sheet between the audience and the stage. Hang the sheet from the ceiling, or maybe stretch a line across the room and hang the sheet from it. All lights should be turned off in the room with the exception of a bright lamp behind the stage.

invite wording for party games for Halloween

kids Halloween scary invitation wording games

It’s always a good idea to have one of your younger guests to act out the mad scientist sketch for guests using live and / or prerecorded sound effects. A few suggestions might be to pretend to saw off the ‘patient’s’ pillow head by playing the sound of a saw, and then lifting off a basketball that is lightly taped to the pillow. You might even have a bowl of spaghetti noodle brains cooked and waiting. The mad scientist can hold the ball in front of the bowl, in essence hiding it, and pretend to reach into the head and grab a handful of brains. Then, create a loud splash by tossing a handful into a bloody bucket on the floor.

Other really wacky ideas include unwinding wet rope intestines; breaking off carrot stick fingers; chalk teeth pieces, plucking out and tossing raw egg eyes, and even peeling a grapefruit heart. Play these games with a lot of enthusiasm and energy and you’re guaranteed to get lots of laughter and screams.

Oh, the Thrill of a Halloween Monster Run

celebration Halloween games for kids

scary games for Halloween

Why walk like an human when you can run like a monster? With the height and use of a couple of overturned cans beneath their feet, energetic children can participate in this fun and thrilling monster relay race.

You monster shoes can be easily made with four empty cans, all about the same size. However, the wider the can, the more stability for the kids as you certainly don’t want any injured or turned ankles. An ideal can in a large tomato can. Additional items needed include a hammer, twine or string, and a nail. Before the party gets started, puncture two holes in the opposite sides of each can, using the hammer and a nail so each hole is around ¼ of inch from the bottom and halfway from the other hole. Loop a four foot length of string through each can, and tie the ends of the string together with a secure knot, placing the knots inside each can.

Before starting the race, divide the children into two teams and give one player from each team a pair of monster shoes. The first kid on each team puts on the shoes and proceeds to a place at least 10 feet away, and then, upon the word go, turns around and walks back to the starting line. After getting back to the starting point, he then hands the monster shoes to one of his other team members, who repeats the action of the first person. This process continues until all team members have had their turn, and the first team to complete the race wins.

That Ghoulish Feeling of Being Buried Alive

kids Halloween games

kid games for Halloween

During the end of the 18th and early 19th centuries, the fear of being buried alive led lots of people to have their burial coffins outfitted with buzzers, bells, and other type signaling instruments. However, with the advances in modern medicines and procedures, these concerns have all but disappeared as doctors today can easily tell a corpse from a coma. However, this lore from yesteryear makes for a great kids Halloween game.

To get started, you’ll need a string, shoebox, doll, and small bell. Begin by decorating the shoebox for the goriest form of amusement. Cut a little hole, like the size of a penny, in the middle of the lid of the box. Then tie about six inches of string to one of the doll’s arm. Then, place the doll inside the box, and then pull the string out of the cut hole in the lid. Next, tie the little bell to the other end of the string, and let it swing against the side of the box.

You’ll want to have the children take turns positioning the box on their heads and walking through an obstacle course of gravestones made from cardboards. As a suggestion, you can easily tape these to your party room floor or tape wooden stakes to the back of each headstone and place them in the backyard. Use string or tape to set off a square at the end of the course, which will be the empty grave in which the children can use their hands to remove the box from their heads and place the coffin. The winner is the kid who can ‘bury’ his coffin the fastest without ringing the bell.

Blood Running Candies Game

For this blood curdling fun Halloween game, pretend cinnamon candies are drops of blood. Start by getting your guest’s blood boiling by setting up a rousing and fun hot relay race. You’ll need at least two bowls, two empty clear plastic or glass soda bottles, two cups or more of red cinnamon candies, two tablespoons, and two funnels. First, place the bowls, each with one cup of candy in it, on one side of the room, and on the opposite side, set the funnels and bottles. Separate the children into two teams and give each team a tablespoon.

On the word ‘go’, have the first person in each team run with a tablespoon from the bottle side, scooping up a spoonful of candy ‘blood’, and hurry back to the bottle. Then the participate pours the blood in the bottle through the funnel, and then passes the spoon to his next team member. The winning team are the ones who empty their bowl wins, provided the blood level in their bottle is higher than the other team’s. If it’s not, each team must hurry and pick up and deposit any candies into the bottle that might have dropped on the floor while the race was going on.

Always Popular Halloween Goodie Bags From the Great Beyond

It’s always a good idea for everyone to win, so you’ll want to prepare a souvenir wig or sorts so each guest can take home a goodie box or pail. One really good idea is to fill each box or pail with a small vial or baggie filled with vampire fangs, cinnamon candy blood drops, a vampire toy, and a pencil, sometimes known as wooden vampire stake.

With just a little advance planning and creativity, you can have a fun, spooky, and enjoyable kids Halloween party. It might be a good idea to include a few of the games with your monster invitations for Halloween party so you guests will arrive with lots of anticipation.

Holiday-Invitations Expands Its Catalog for the 2013 Holiday Season

As we near the end of the summer of 2013, many businesses are turning their focus to product lines for fall and winter. Illustrating its recent growth, online stationery company Holiday-Invitations.com has just announced an expansion to its expansive catalog of cards: a colorful collection of holiday invitations for Oktoberfest, Halloween, and Christmas. These categories have been in high demand for customers of Holiday-Invitations.com. Now, customers have more choices than ever to celebrate special occasions with friends and family.

invitation cards for Oktoberfest party

party invites for Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest collection includes Beer Party Invites that set the mood for festive gatherings of food, family, and fun. One can also select new Oktoberfest Autumn Leaves Invitations that highlight the colors of the season with rich red and orange ink. For indoor gatherings, the Home Party Invitation Cards are an excellent choice. Finally, for the traditionalists among us, the Dancing Lady Oktoberfest Party Invitation Cards give a nod to the holiday’s European roots.

The Halloween collection offers a spooky set of scare motifs such as the Scary Castle Party Invitations and Spook-Tackular Halloween Invitation Cards. Household hosts can announce the evening’s events with Party Invitations for Halloween Night. Whether you’re looking for Spooky Halloween Witch Invitations or Haunted House Invitation Stationery Cards for Halloween, Holiday-Invitations has something for everyone. It’s all tricks and no treats with this unique batch of cards!

invites for ghostly Halloween parties

scary party invitation for Halloween

Finally, the Christmas collection brings a warm sense of giving and gathering to the season’s most memorable holiday. The new selection includes Christmas Greeting Invitation Cards and Party Invites for Christmas Holiday Parties, so you can bring together your family and loved ones during the holiday season. All of our most treasured traditions are represented in this diverse line-up, from Stylish Invitations with Christmas Tree to Party Invites with Christmas Santa. The festive spirit can be felt in cards like the Staircase Christmas Invitation Stationery Cards, so senders can share a little Christmas cheer with everyone on their letter list.

party invitation for Christmas

creative Christmas invitations

Holiday-Invitations hopes that its new and improved stationery product lines will help to serve customers’ diverse and changing needs. “This is good news for existing customers who may have chosen other sites for these products, because we did not offer them before,” explains Sharon Martinez, company president. “We encourage them to visit the site again now that we’re more of a one-stop shop.” The site even offers helpful wording ideas for those who need a little help expressing their sentiments. All of the new stationary cards are made with the same high quality card stock that has come to characterize Holiday-Invitations products, and all of the designs are customizable. As always, the staff takes care to ensure each card arrives free of bends or tears.

corporate Christmas holiday invitation cards

holiday Christmas business party invites

Holiday-Invitations is a family owned and locally operated company offering personalized and printable invitations announcements stationery cards. For more information about the company, and to view the new product lines of holiday stationery, invitations, and note cards, please visit www.holiday-invitations.com.

Halloween Decorations – Theme Building by Choosing Party Decor

Halloween decorations can serve as a launching point for your entire party in terms of planning. After all, when you find the colorful decorations for Halloween that you like, you can build a party theme around those that appeal to you. You can let your those decorating ideas inspire you, and you might be surprised by the novel ideas you can come up with once you make some serious decisions about party décor. Among the early considerations are the Halloween invitation announcement stationery cards, which we specialize in at Holiday-Invitations.com, all of which can be perfectly coordinated with your party’s constructed theme.

Spooky Halloween Invitation Cards

Party Invites for Spooky Halloween

Halloween Decorations and Party Atmosphere

You’ll want your décor and your crafted Halloween invites to make a lasting impression on your guests. Your invitation cards stationery selections will really define your party atmosphere, something determined by your décor, entertainment, and party menu and the age of those you are inviting. By using our patented personalize and real time preview features, you can add your very own custom elements and then instantly preview your work before checking out and paying for your order.

Decorations for Halloween and Your Invitations

Our Halloween invitations are bedecked with paranormal creatures, supernatural monsters, ghoulish goblins, fat orange pumpkins, sacred black cats, headstones, cemeteries, coffins, vampires, witches, mummies, haunted houses, and more. All of the popular holiday imagery can be found on our invitation cards, all of which are crafted on white, 80-pound Avon Crest White card stock! If you have come up with a theme that doesn’t quite match the cards we offer, talk to us, and we’ll get our artists working on a design that will be simply perfect just for your occasion!

We have everything from adorable invitations to stationery selections with frightening images to match your Halloween decorations!

Personalize Your Oktoberfest Invites for Octoberfest Party

There are a few holiday websites that cater to all kinds of holidays, including Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is one the best reasons for celebrations to drink and be merry, and our exclusive Oktoberfest invites help with getting your special holiday party off and running. At Holiday-Invitations.com, we offer you only the best selections in Octoberfest party invitations. In fact, we not only offer great quality cards, but we offer unique and exclusive designs at affordable prices that are available only on our site.

Oktoberfest Party Invites with Beer Mug

Beer Mug Invites for Oktoberfest

We make it possible for you to enjoy the holidays without having to rush. With our unique same day printing and shipping, gathering everyone around to share a keg of beer just became easier. You don’t have to wait around anymore for long lines or for long mail order periods to get your Oktoberfest invitation cards. After you place your Oktoberfest card order, your proof will be emailed to you within 1 hour during the business day and will included your personalized messages and requested options carefully observed and followed. And, don’t forget our Free shipping, Free cards and, most importantly, our Instant Preview process that allows you to view your cards Before you buy!

Our Oktoberfest invitations are the perfect means to invite one and all to your celebration. Just visit our website and choose among our wonderful selection of stationery for this special occasion. The choices of custom designs will present exciting inviting cards for Octoberfest parties and provide you with more creative and unique ways to send out party invitation cards. Our patented process allows you to personalize your cards with the exact text you want.

We invite you to browse our fun collection of unique and customized invite cards to find the perfect designs for your celebration. Just imagine how much fun you’ll have personalizing your cards and how exciting it will be for your friends and family to receive the unique cards you sent. They’ll eagerly await the time for the most anticipated party of the year – yours.

Every part of your party invitation needs is taken cared of when you order from us. All of the cards featured at our website can be customized. You can choose one and have it changed however you like. Better yet, if you have your own ideas for an Oktoberfest party invitation, you can tell us and we’ll make it for you. It’s as easy as that! We even allow you to upload photos and logos to include on your ordered cards.

This comes in handy for business Oktoberfest parties, where companies wish to present their logos on the cards. Have an invitation card but can’t think of any saying, verse or wording to place on it? Holiday-Invitations can help you. We have wording ideas, wording verses and sayings especially for Oktoberfest celebrations. You can choose from our wording ideas or use your own. Remember, you can personalize your Oktoberfest party cards even down to the wordings.

When the Oktoberfest fuzz is all over, take the time to thank the people who shared in those wonderful moments with you. We have a bounty of selections when it comes to Oktoberfest thank you cards for holidays and other special occasions. Be sure and visit our site often for more Oktoberfest party invitation ideas.

Our love for the Oktoberfest season shows in our unique designs, cards and services. We have fun, you have fun, and your friends and family have fun. What more can you ask for with your Oktoberfest invites?

Create Your Halloween Invites – Getting Party Invitations Fast

Personalized Halloween invites should be ordered several weeks before your planned celebration, but even if you suddenly plan a last minute party, you can still get attractive, amazingly inexpensive Halloween party invitations at www.Holiday-Invitations.com. We guarantee that every single Halloween invitation you order from us will be stylish when you choose from our award winning designs. Our instant preview features, super shipping offers, and vast selection make us America’s first choice when it comes to all forms of stationery.

Party Invitation for Halloween

Halloween Scary Castle Invites

Customized Halloween Invites – Lightening Fast Shipment

Are you having a small Halloween gathering and you only need a few invites? Are minimum order is only 15 invites, so you don’t have to overspend on invites you won’t use. Are you having a large Halloween party? We’re more than happy to provide you with all the invitations you require! Is your party online a couple of weeks away? You still have time to get your invites delivered and mailed out to invitees! Holiday-Invitations.com supplies you with several modes for shipping including Next Day Air, 2nd day air, and three-day air shipment modes.

Designing a Halloween Party Invitation

Holiday-Invitations lends flexibility to your ordering tasks – you are not trapped into buying our invites “as is.” If you see something you like and you want to make major or minor alternations, just ask us to help you. We customize our stationery to meet your demands! You can share special instructions with us in the comments box as you place your order.

Holiday-Invitations provides you with innovative, one-of-a-kind online tools to change the ink hue, font size and style, and wording on Halloween Invites too.

Colorful Oktoberfest Invitations Guaranteed to Impress Your Invited Guests

As you are shopping with Holiday-Invitations.com, you’ll find all kinds of holiday invitation stationery cards, including Oktoberfest. These fun celebrations are one the best reasons of the year to drink and be merry, and our imaginative Oktoberfest invitations are an ideal complement to your special party. At this website, you’ll find the absolute selections in Octoberfest invitation cards. In fact, they not only offer great quality party invites for Oktoberfest, but they offer unique and exclusive designs at affordable prices that are available only on this website. Additionally, you’ll find the largest database of Oktoberfest invitation wording ideas available anywhere to assist with your total personalization.

Invites for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Celebration Party Invitation Cards

This website makes it possible for you to enjoy the holidays without having to rush. With their unique same day printing and shipping, gathering everyone around to share a keg of beer just became easier. You don’t have to wait around anymore for long lines or extended delivery periods for your Oktoberfest party invitation order to arrive. After you place your order, your proof will be emailed to you within 1 hour during the business day and will included your custom invite wordings and requested options carefully observed and followed. And, don’t forget their free shipping, 10 free cards and, most importantly, their real time preview features that enable you to view your cards before you pay.

Their holiday stationary is the perfect means to invite one and all to your Octoberfest celebration. Just visit their site and choose among their creative selection of invites for this special occasion. The choices of custom designs will present exciting invitations for parties and provide you with more creative and unique ways to send out party invitations. Their patented process allows you to personalize your cards with the exact words you want. They invite you to browse their fun collection of unique and customized invitations for Oktoberfest to find the perfect designs for your celebration. Just imagine how much fun you’ll have personalizing your cards and how exciting it will be for your family and friends to receive the unique stationery cards you sent. They’ll eagerly await the time for the most anticipated party of the year – yours!

All elements of your party invitation needs are addressed when you order from Holiday-Invitations, including the card features. You simply select one and change it anyway you like. Better yet, if you have your own ideas for an Oktoberfest party invite, you can tell them and they’ll make it for you. It’s as easy as that! They even allow you to upload photos and logos to include on your ordered cards. This comes in handy for business Oktoberfest parties, where companies want to present their logos on the cards. Have an invitation card but can’t think of any saying, wording, or verse to place on it? They can help you. They have wording ideas especially for Oktoberfest celebrations. You can choose from their ideas for Oktoberfest wordings or use your own.

When the Oktoberfest fun is all over, you’ll definite want to take the time to thank those who shared in your wonderful celebration with you. They have a bounty of selections when it comes to Oktoberfest thank you cards for holidays and other special occasions at http://www.holiday-invitations.com. Be sure and visit their site often for more party invitation ideas. Their love for this particular holiday season shows in their unique Oktoberfest invitations designs, cards, and services. They have fun, you have fun, and your friends and family have fun. What more can you ask for this Oktoberfest?

Planning Your Celebration with Stylish Oktoberfest Party Invitations

Ah, Oktoberfest! It brings together those who love celebrations, food, polka music and beer. As the cooler Autumn weather approaches, Octoberfest parties brighten up the long days. Sausage, apple pancakes, sauerkraut, obatzda, dancing in Lederhosen to a brass oompah band, and clanging beer steins – all recall aspects of German hospitality and culture. Celebrate your German heritage or love of a good party by inviting friends and family to an old-fashioned Oktoberfest party. Personalize the most creative Oktoberfest party invitations for your event by using original and exclusive Octoberfest party designs at many websites.

Oktoberfest Fun Parties

Party Invitations for Oktoberfest

Although these e-commerce shoppes cannot provide the beer garden or a parade, they can assist in choosing and creating the stylish invitation card designs for your celebration. Their creative in-house artists know all the details for assisting you with all aspects of embellishing your design into a one-of-a-kind party invite. Additionally, with their large database of Oktoberfest invitation wording samples you’re guaranteed of having one unique and imaginative invite that your invited guests will rave about.

It is said by many that one of the most amazing features is the customize and real time preview options offered by the better websites. Using their exclusive technology, you simply select your design, add your own chosen invite wordings, select your ink color and typestyle, and then click “Preview”. And, presto . . . you will see your very own custom card, instantly. This fantastic feature enables you to view your unique Oktoberfest invitation cards before even completing your order. This preview process may be repeated an unlimited number of times to ensure you have your custom cards exactly like you want.

And, with all the advantages, you can also count on absolutely no surprises during our ordering process, or while awaiting the arrival of your order. The costs for the cards are never hidden or deceptive. There’s never an additional charge during the proofing and shipping process, unless you upgrade in some manner. You can expect your proof within one hour after completing your order during the working day. And, any and all revisions you request will be made promptly and professionally and without additional charges or costs.

As you are considering shopping online, please remember that most websites are secure and safe, and your personal and billing information will never be shared with others in any manner whatsoever. You printed party invites for Oktoberfest will be shipped to you in a secure and safe box to prevent any damages during the shipping process. Your order will be printed on Avon Crest quality card stock and professionally and securely wrapped. As an added feature, a few shoppes even print and ship all orders the same day they are approved, if the approval is obtained by their shipping deadline.

So, relax and enjoy the Oktoberfest party celebration. Do all the festive work you can, but trust those quality e-commerce shoppes to deliver long lasting memories on durable Oktoberfest party invitations card stock.