Halloween Invitations and Halloween Invitation Cards for Your Scary Party Celebrations

Halloween Invitations and Halloween Invitation Cards for Your Scary Party Celebrations

Many of the Halloween Invitations available today include images of monsters and scary creatures that have come to be synonymous with October 31st. These images are great choices for almost any Halloween Invitation but where did they come from? Do these frightening designs have any basis in reality? And, if they do, wouldn’t that be a great story for the party host to share with the recipients of these Halloween Party Invitations? Below is some interesting information and facts about some of these Halloween creatures.

A Vampire for the Halloween Invitation

Vampires are one of the most popular of all the scary monsters that supposedly lurk in the night. Adding one to invitations for Halloween gatherings might just increase the attendance at the party, especially with the ladies. Like ghosts, vampires have been a popular legend for centuries. Even the earliest human civilizations in the world supposedly believed in the existence of creatures similar to those of the vampire. But most of the scary Halloween invitations feature the vampire of Eastern European origins whose stories date back to at least the early 18th century. But the vampire didn’t become the enticing gentleman popularized in Western culture until 1819’s “The Vampyre” and 1897’s Dracula. The latter was also influenced by the stories about Vlad the Impaler, a real Transylvanian ruler who did many unspeakable things to those he felt had wronged him.

Halloween Invitations & Ghosts

Ghosts are probably the most common spooky creature associate with printable Halloween invitations and the holiday itself. Originally, the holiday was celebrated by the Celts who viewed it as a time when the barriers between the worlds of the living and of the dead became easier to cross. The dead re-entered the living world either to torment or to visit with the living. But ghosts preceded the creation of free printable Halloween invitations by many centuries. One of the first recorded mentions of ghosts was in ancient China. After King Hsuan, who ruled until 783 BC, wrongfully had his minister executed, the ghost returned to get revenge and killed the leader with a bow and arrow. Today, millions of people around the world believe ghosts do exist in one form or another. Belief or non-belief, however, doesn’t change their popularity as great Halloween invitations ideas.

Halloween Party Invitations for the Living Dead

While not necessarily appropriate for kids Halloween invitations, zombies are definitely an increasingly popular addition to the world of Halloween creatures. Long before George Romero popularized zombies in Western culture with his 1960s’ movie Night of the Living Dead, zombies had been known and studied. That’s right: studied. Because unlike most of the creatures hosts consider for Halloween invitation ideas, zombies might be more real than legend. The zombie idea originated in Haiti as part of Voodoo practices. Dead people would rise out of their graves and wonder around the streets. Research later found that such zombies weren’t supernatural at all but might have been created using two powerful drugs that created the death-like behavior of the person. When the drugs wear off, they get out of the grave but are permanently damaged by the effects of the drugs.

The Mummy & the Free Halloween Invitations

Although slipping in popularity, mummies are still one of those creatures that show up on unique Halloween invitations from time to time. They are, of course, based on the ancient Egyptian practice of mummifying pharaohs but that practice alone is probably not where the fear came from. In the early 1920’s, the tomb of King Tut was discovered but soon after reports of the premature deaths of some of the first archaeologists who went into the tomb caused rumors about a curse related to the mummy. Then Hollywood ran with the idea and portrayed the mummy as chasing down people who had entered his sanctuary. Even though people won’t find as many of these mummies wielding their curses from a Halloween invite, they will see quite a few of them in Halloween costumes each year.

Halloween Party Invitation for the Witch

Halloween Ideas commonly depict witches, just the same as ghosts and on costumes. This scary Halloween figure has a long lineage with human civilization and got a start even before the holiday came into existence. Witches, mostly got their start with the Salem Witch trials. People were falsely accused of being witches and were hung wrongfully. Anyone suspected of being a witch was mostly due to people’s practice of natural medicines. Witches have been portrayed in different scenarios all through history and they have commonly appeared on many Halloween invitation through the years. Keep these things in mind for Halloween invitation choices.

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