Holiday Invitation, Halloween Invitations and Holiday Cards

Holiday Invitation and Holiday Cards!

When the holidays roll around, enjoying time with your friends and family members can be a true highlight of the season. However, you’ll need to send out holiday invitation to make sure you can find ways to gather them together for an intimate dinner party, a family reunion, or any other type of gathering that will bring everyone together. Make sure you take precautions before you begin sending out Halloween invitations if you’re going to be changing any family traditions. Many people are reluctant to see these things altered.

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The Early Holiday Invitation

During most holidays, those last few days or weeks are often the most hectic so you don’t want to wait until the last minute to let people know you’re having a get together. You should probably send holidays invitation cards at least three to four weeks in advance. If you’re worried that people will forget because of the advance notice, make sure to follow-up with all of the recipients about a week before. You can always say you want to double check your RSVP list if you need an excuse.

Of course, the rules are a bit different if you’re just sending out Holiday Invitations to a traditional family gathering that happens every year. For that, the standard two week notice will work well. But it never hurts to spread the word about the party’s date in advance even before the cards hit the mailbox. When people know in advance they may be more likely to attend.

Now if you are going to be disrupting a normal family tradition, you’ll want to be especially careful. For example, if everyone gets together at one person’s home for a Christmas dinner but you change the location that can cause confusion. Be sure to send out the invitations Halloween early and follow-up with more information about the change. You definitely don’t want one of your guests to end up at an empty house wondering where everyone is.

Some Other Pointers

If you want to start a whole new family tradition with your personalized holiday cards you may want to check with the rest of your family first. Not everyone has a flexible schedule around the holidays and many people are creatures of habit who avoid change even when it comes in the form of a good time. With that in mind, be sure to talk to a few members of the family before you invest too much in sending out the first holidays invitations.

To save money, you can always combine your holiday invitation with those Christmas holiday cards if appropriate. This will mean you only have to buy one set of cards, plus you won’t need as many stamps. This also makes it more likely that you’ll get the message to guests early on. There’s nothing wrong with sending holiday greeting cards right after Thanksgiving.

For big events, business holiday invitation or holiday wedding invitations, you’re going to want to give guests even more notice. That’s why you should use save-the-date cards and mail them about four months ahead of time. You don’t have to include all of the details but you do want them to mark their calendars.

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