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Scary Halloween Invitations for Halloween Party

As children, most of us fondly remember dressing up in scary costumes and going door-to-door begging for candy. We didn’t really worry about Halloween Invitations then because we had plenty to keep us occupied as we strolled through the neighborhood and snacked on our haul of treats. Today, more families are looking for safe alternatives to trick or treating. Sending out costume cards and planning some great Halloween ideas for kids can be a way to still make the holiday fun. Here are some possible games you might want to include in your post Halloween invitation plans.

Green Apple Finding & Halloween Party Invitations

To play this Halloween game, you’ll need a dozen red apples and one green apple, plus some string and a tree. Fix the apples so they can be hung from the branches of the tree. Now you’ll blindfold each of the kids one at a time, spin them around a few times and send each of them to pick an apple from the tree. Repeat the process until each of the kids has their own apple. The Halloween party invitation recipient who finds the green apple wins a prize. Since this is Halloween, candy is always a good choice. You could also give a caramel or candy apple as a Halloween prize.

Become the Mummy & Halloween Stationery

Mummies can definitely be scary especially if you have five or six in your living room during the Halloween party. And that’s the goal of this fun game. You’re going to need some rolls of toilet tissue but that’s about it. Divide the guests up into groups of two or three kids and hand them rolls of toilet paper. You can use one to three rolls for the game but every group gets the same amount. Next, the group chooses a person to be mummified or simply wrapped up in toilet paper faster than all of the other teams. If you like the idea of using this game, consider sending out mummy themed Halloween cards as invitations.

Holiday Invitations & Dirt Digging

Send Halloween invitations to younger kids who won’t be self-conscious about getting dirty and making fools of themselves in front of their friends if you want to play this game. First, you’ll want to make a good load of “dirt” which is really just crushed chocolate sandwich cookies. Generic cookies are a good choice since taste is going to matter and you’ll want to get several bags. Plus, you’ll want to load up on the whipped cream. If you can make your own, that’s a good way to save money. Next, purchase a supply of gummy worms. Divide up the “dirt” and whipped topping mixture evenly for each guest and add the same number of gummy worms to each. Have the kids dig through the crushed cookies to find all of the worms without using their hands. It’s definitely not a scary Halloween game!

Trying any or all of these games is a great way to make your guests happy they responded to your Halloween invites.

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