Ghost Invitations for Halloween Celebrations across the world

Ghost Invitations for Halloween Celebrations across the world

The best part of the fall season is planning and going to Halloween celebrations. Most of October is celebrated all around the world with spooky events and adrenaline raising parties. In the United States people love celebrating Halloween, one way 60% of people celebrate is by decorating their homes with ghosts, witches, and of course jack-o-lanterns. Also Americans spend more on candy during the Halloween season than any other time of the year besides Christmas time. Many people have parties and will send out invitations Halloween party, or have a movie night, but other options are available.

Origins of the Holiday

The Scary Halloween invitation, Halloween invitations can be traced back to the Celtic people who once lived in what is now the UK. On October 31st, they celebrated Samhain that was a big festival to honor the Lord of the Dead. The day was considered special because they believed the spirits of the dead were able to move into this world on that night and could walk around freely until dawn. They didn’t even need ghost invitations to join the party.

The costume invitations sometimes used for Halloween parties can be traced to the Celts for this, too. Because not all of those free roaming spirits were nice folks, the festival involved wearing costumes so the evil spirits couldn’t find them.

Trick or Treating

Another important aspect of the holiday is sending children door to door begging for candy – a practice known today as trick or treating. While modern kids don’t think anything of this fun activity, it’s only been widely practiced here since the 1930s. Some suggest that trick or treating was encouraged by adults to prevent kids from vandalizing property on Halloween night. But no documentation of such a reason has been produced and sending out Halloween party invitations would seem to take care of that problem.

One idea for where trick or treating could have originated is from a practice called souling, which was common in the United Kingdom. This practice happened on November 1st and was the time for the poor and needy to visit homes to try and get handouts. In exchange the needy prayed for the deceased loved ones of anyone willing to give food. Halloween celebrations done today may have come from this old practice.

Around the Globe

Just as Americans have plenty of reasons to send out invitations Halloween party, so do other countries. Romania is a good place to visit on October 31st. Travelers can go to Dracula’s castle and watch recreations of witch trials while taking a tour through Transylvania. Trick or treating occurs in other parts of the world, too, including Denmark and parts of South America. People can also visit Mexico for Halloween then stick around for the traditional Day of the Dead festivities. Throughout much of the world, Halloween celebrations are a big part of this time of year.

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