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You don’t want to send out your custom Mardi Gras party invitation, or Mardi Gras invitations until you’ve learned how to make your very own King Cake. These oval cakes are usually decorated in traditional colors.

Send Halloween party invitations to younger kids who won’t be self-conscious about getting dirty and making fools of themselves in front of their friends if you want to play this game. First, you’ll want to make a good load of “dirt” which is really just crushed chocolate sandwich cookies. Generic cookies are a good choice since taste is going to matter and you’ll want to get several bags. Plus, you’ll want to load up on the whipped cream. If you can make your own, that’s a good way to save money. Next, purchase a supply of gummy worms. Divide up the “dirt” and whipped topping mixture evenly for each guest and add the same number of gummy worms to each. Have the kids dig through the crushed cookies to find all of the worms without using their hands. It’s definitely not a scary Halloween game!

Now is the time to start putting together the plans for your Halloween party. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to spend the holiday, too, including carving pumpkins, going trick or treating, and exploring haunted houses. You might have considered having a masquerade party with guests all wearing costumes – maybe even themed costumes, such as favorite famous couples or most infamous evil characters. No matter what you want to do for your party, the first step is getting those personalized Halloween invitation in the mail. You want to make sure everyone receives your ghost invitations or costume invitations in time to make arrangements to attend your event.

Halloween Party Celebrations with Halloween Invitations Planning a Halloween party can be plenty of fun but you can have an even better time choosing your ghost invitations if you know a little bit about the history of the season. Let’s start with the origins of the date and name. The name is actually a corruption […]