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the eveing preceding All Saints' Day is most frequently devoted to pranks by young people . . .

Voted Best Halloween Invitation Wordings with Lots of Frightening Sayings

ghostly Halloween party invitation cardsIn addition to be fun, your personalized invitation wording for Halloween should inform your invited guests about the details of your planned celebration. These details should include if it's a costume party, are kids welcome, will drinks and food be provided, and more. The wordings for Halloween party invitation cards stationery should pretty much be just like the other invites. That is, each starts with a clever saying or verse, and is usually followed by the party details, like date, time, place, and any other relative information. Since you can be so creative with your Halloween theme, why not do the same with your wordings? For example, you might say the event is being ghosted by the Jessica. And, instead of when it begins, you can write the undertaking will being at 9:00 pm. We encourage you to have lots of fun and be creative with your invitation wordings, sayings, and verses since that's what this holiday is all about.

Halloween Party Invitations Sayings, Verses, and Wordings Samples

You're invited to a
Couples Costume Party

Saturday, October 27th, 6 p.m. to midnight
789 Hideaway Hills, City, ST

Hosted by Cathy and George Henderson

Regrets only by October 20th to 555-6666
Come Costumed and Be a Party of the Fun!

You're invited to a Halloween Scare
Come and join us if you dare.
It's our way of saying thanks
to all of our friends without pulling pranks.
Don't be lame, don't be naughty,
creep, float or crawl to our costume party!

The undertaking will occur between
8 p.m. and 11 p.m.
Saturday, October 30th
4711 Green Drive, City, ST

Your Host: Tammy and George

It's a Halloween Bash
So, join us if you dare

Friday, October 31st at 8:00 p.m.
499 South Mensal Road, City, ST

Cathy and Roger Miller

Regrets only by October 20th
Cathy 555.666.7777

It's our annual Pumpkin Smash,
so get ready for a monster mash dance!
And don't forget scary and fright costumes
are a must on this night!

Thursday, October 31st
6:30 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Rockhouse Bar & Grill
235 Glenville Street, City, ST

Cash prizes for costume contests,
live music from the Scary Pumpkins,
and great Halloween drink specials!

RSVP to Jamie at 555.666.7777 by October 21st

Calling all Ghosts, Goblins,
and Freaks of the night!!!

Creep, float, or crawl over to our
Halloween Costume Party
Saturday, October 31st at 6:30 p.m.
134 Scavenger Lane, City, ST

You'll be Ghoulish to miss this FUN!

Mary and Johnny


What are you doing Thursday,
I just have to ask?
How about drinking, dancing, and wearing a mask...
Come on over for the harrowing fright the
Porters are brewing for

Halloween Night!

October 31st 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
3119 Circle Drive, City, ST

Regrets: 555-6666 - Costumes a Must!

If you refuse this invite
something awful may happen . . .
You'll miss out on all the fun!

Please join us at our
Halloween Costume Party

October 31, (year) at 7 o'clock in the evening
Our Home
48 West Lane, City, ST

Jennifer and Tommy

Fright Night is almost here,
so, you'll definitely wanna get your costumes if you fear!

The Annual Daniels
Halloween Costume Party

Friday, October 27th 8 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
9466 Harold Drive, City, ST

Hosted by Allison and Darrell McGee

Fly over on a broom or float like a ghost
Just don't be tardy for our
Spooky Halloween Party!

Join us in your best costume
Friday, October 31st at 7:00 p.m.
49555 South Been Circle, City, ST

Candice and Jessie Tomlinson

Regrets only  by October 25th 555-555-5555

Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare!!

Our Third Annual Halloween Costume Party
will begin at 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 31st
at the final resting place of

Donna and Sydney Pearce
67 Myrtle Lane, City, ST


You can come for the night,
you can come for a flash...

But come to have fun at our
Halloween party celebration!

You are invited to a

Tuesday, October 31st
at the stroke of 6
45 Piper Street, City, ST

Deloris and Danny McCall

Eyeballs, cocktails & witches brew...
some tasty snacks like a finger or two.

Come to our party for some ghoulish fright
and the most creative costumes in sight.

Friday, October 29th
6:30 til the ghosts come home
Janice and Leroy
6589 Mockingbird Lane, City, ST

RSVP by October 24th

You'll scream, you'll cry, and maybe just die
once you see the dreadful sights
at our party on Halloween night!

Attend at your own risk
as you may never leave (or want to!)

Saturday, October 31st 7:30 in the frightful eve
The Haunted Home of the Andersons
289 Wicker Way, City, ST

RSVP . . . or else to Janice at  555-5555

Come join us for a dreadful night
that will leave you scared out of your might.

You'll find terror behind the walls
at our home, October 31st this fall.

Enter 666 Our Street Name at 6 if you dare
but know that you may never leave there.

Put on your costumes and howl at the moon
We hope to see your
RSVP real soon (555-5555)

Ghosted by: The Wileys

It's a Halloween party that's sure to be a fright!
Come dressed as your best and celebrate the night!

Friday, October 28th
The Witching hour starts at 8:30
The Bower Home
456 Your Lane, City, ST

RSVP by 10/22 to 555-5555


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Who's the Scariest of them all?

Please join us for a
Halloween Costume Party
See for yourself who's the scariest in sight!

Saturday, October 30th at 6:00 p.m.
1467 Your Street, City, ST

Your GHOSTS: Vickey and Sammy

Costumes are simply a must!

Werewolves howl - Vampires bite . . .
The Wilson's party on Halloween night!

Join us for our 5th Annual Halloween Boohaha

Saturday, October 31st from 8:00 pm - Midnight
790 Your Street, City, ST

Food and setups will be provided,
so bring your own "spirits."

Costumes encouraged and please, Adults Only

Vampires, Werewolves, and Ghosts, what a fright!
It's time for a costume party this Halloween night!
Join us for a Spook-tackular
hosted by the Perkins
Saturday, October 29th from 7:00 pm - Midnight
1444 Your Street, City, ST

Devilish Drinks and Frightful finger foods provided

Costumes Strongly Encourage and Children welcome

We're having a Halloween party
And you're invited!

Hosted by The Millers
Friday, October 30th from 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
6015 Your Street, City, ST

Finger foods and drinks provided
Costumes encouraged and children welcome

Please RSVP to 555-5555 by October 23rd

We're throwing a party for Halloween night
But, this trick r treats for adults
that's right, Martini's and mayhem
it will be quite the sight

Costumes are a Must
or you're in for a fright!

Saturday, October 31st at 7:30 pm - Til
The Nichols Haunted House
1227 Your Street, City, ST

Don't be a creep, RSVP to 555-555 by October 25th

Dragons, witches and little tikes
will be roaming the streets tonight
In the hallowing of the moon's silver rays
looking for lots of fun and play

Please join us at a
Halloween 8th Birthday Party for
Aiden Parker

Friday, October 31st from 6-8pm
845 Burrough Drive

RSVP by October 24th to
Aiden's mom, Leah at 457-8522

To all creatures of fright and spirits unseen
Soon it will be


Come to our party but the thing you must do
is pretend that nothing will frighten you...
If something scares you and you must run,
just pretend to the creatures that
it's only Halloween fun!

Please join us Friday, October 31st
from 8-12 at 95 Elm Place
Hosted by Layla and Nathan Brooks

Dress in your "not" so fashion best
like costumes, grubby clothes and your hair in a mess
RSVP by October 24th
because our fear is the number of guests unknown
so please give us a call on our phone

The spirits are ready as the twilight peeps
The creatures and zombies are rising
as the bats scatter and squeak
The stalked victims have been sucked
to make our bloody drinks
The decaying food is fermenting and really stinks
For over a week the pumpkins have been carved
We hope you've been fasting and are half starved
Lots of morbid preparations have been made
to make you scared and afraid

Please join us for our
Halloween Party
Saturday, October 31st at 8pm
666 Old Meadow Road

Hosted by Lauren and Scott Thomas

Regrets only by October 21st

The spirits unseen aren't silent this
they're announcing that

Dylan Parks

is tuning the BLOODY

BIG 40!

Please join us for a Birthday Smash
Saturday, October 31st
from 6-9 pm
at 845 Currey Way

Hosted by Addison Parks

Regrets only by October 23rd

No gifts, please!

Dust off the
spider webs from those
old decrepit costumes...
A list of October Birthdays
has been un-tombed!

Please join us to celebrate
Daniel Webb's 30th Birthday
Saturday, October 18th at 7pm
547 Bluejay Way

Costumes optional
Regrets only to Kate by October 8th

Drop by for a spell
at our
creepy mortuary
for a Bloody
Halloween Monster Mash
Saturday, October 31st
from dust (8) to the witching hour (12)
666 Redeye Hill

If decomposition exists,
autopsies will be performed by
your morbid forensic pathologist,
Susanne and Derrick Black
~Costumes Encouraged~

Regrets only by October 20th
to 654-7481, if you dare
But be warned y'all.....
The monsters will know if you can't walk
because you are incapacitated,
mummified or can't even crawl!

Ghosts and Goblins Words for Scary Party

It is believed that Halloween is the night when the witches fly around freely on their brooms and when the dead rises from their graves and walks the earth. And, don't forget about the always mentioned night of Jack o' Lantern, and when children and adults alike dress up like the devil, witches, or something REALLY bad, march from door to door trick r treating. Stated simply: it's the night we all call HALLOWEEN NIGHT! Come October 31st, people will be collectively celebrating this special day, which, believe it or not, is the second most successful holiday, second only to Christmas? Adults and kids alike eagerly await this day, and when it comes all 'hell' breaks loose. At least four to six weeks before Halloween, families start preparing for this day with costume parties in almost every household. That's why you'll want to begin planning your invitation cards and matching Halloween thank you cards along with those oh so special spooky wordings to complement your ghostly invites.

Spooky Sayings to Scare All Your Guests

If you really want to challenge your imagination, then Halloween is the time to do it. And, you can start with the always popular but freighting, yet spooktacular, haunted house. But, of course, you don't want to make it tooooo freighting, so you'll need to decide just how harrowing you want it to be. In fact, you might want to ensure your invitation sayings include your disclosure, 'Beware, Not for the Faint of Heart". You'll also want to consider the level of costumes you encourage your guest to wear. If prizes are given for best costume, then be sure your invitations saying include this. Your expressive Halloween Invitation wordings should be inviting to goblins and ghosts alike so they will want to flock to your haunted house to party the night away. As you browse our gigantic and screaming invitations, you'll find something for any theme, occasion, and guests, adult, teenager, and child.