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activities such as trick-r-treating, costumes, pumpkins, jack-o'-lanterns, apple bobbing, haunted houses, playing pranks, scary stories, horror films . . .

New Invitation Card Styles and Trends for Halloween - New and Ancient Customs

New styles and trends for Halloween are constantly evolving, and as the autumn season approaches, most folks seek out new invitation design and styles for Halloween options for their stationery needs. New Halloween party invites trends are an innovative way for you to get people together during the fun holiday season. It is estimated that around 65% of the residents of the U.S. decide to bedeck their homes in fun, attractive holiday décor. Much of the decorations found in homes across the country, as well as on invitation announcements stationery cards, are created based on traditions that are hundreds of years old.

Let's consider a few of the long honored and popular customs such as the carving of pumpkins. So popular is this tradition that over a billion pounds of pumpkins are sold annually. Trick or treating is another favored practice with chocolate candies being the number one treat offered to children who go trick or treating from door to door. This holiday is so popular that it is estimated that over 35 million Halloween greetings are sent annually.

This Year's Halloween Trends and Styles - Celebrating with Old Customs

Halloween celebrations are rooted in events honored by the Celts of Ireland. The honoring of Samhain would begin on the 31st of October and would continue until the next day. It was and is still believed by some that the deceased cross through the veil separating the world of the living and the deceased on this night, as they are free to walk the earth on All Hallows. Lord Samhain was a deity honored by the Druids - he symbolized the coming of longer nights and shorter days so he represents the darker aspects of the deity. People would don on special costumes to confuse the evil spirits believed to walk the earth, and to appease friendly spirits.

Today, the tradition of costume wearing carries on in both children and adults. 90% of all kids ages 5 to 13 go out trick r treatin from door to door and 50% of all adults don on costumes on this date! Children commonly dress up as Disney characters, vampires, pumpkins, pirates, witches, and princesses, and favorite adult costumes include athletes, police officers, clowns, and devils. Any of the latter mentioned images make fantastic décor for a costume Halloween party invitation too!

New Invitations Styles - Options for Modern Halloween Celebrations

One doesn't have to have a huge gathering to partake in Halloween fun. Some people let their kids have sleepovers where children can enjoy some long held Halloween traditions and a night filled with tasty treats and scary movies. Alternatively, some people choose to have a small gathering of adults and watch creepy horror films. New Halloween styles and trends is helpful for us to always ensure our fresh inventory of theme invites to just about any kind of party theme one can come up with.

At, you'll find the largest selection of exclusive and spooky Halloween invites for kids of all ages and adults for any purpose. We are happy to offer 10 free cards, free shipping, same day print and ship and your proof within one hour. But, perhaps our greatest contribution to you, our customers, is our patented personalize and instant preview features where you customize your invite just the way you want it, and then preview it in real time before you pay.

New styles and trends for Halloween makes it easier for you to easily integrate new and old customs in your designs and embellishments.