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Picnic Invitation Wording

Unique Family Union and Picnic Invitation Wording for Your Fun Gathering

It is reported that the modern day picnic originated around the 17th century in France, but since that time, it has taken many turns, detours, and changes to what it has evolved into today. We at have lots of unique family reunion picnic invitation wording for our creative designs, which are ideal for your personalized picnic invitations for family reunion picnics. Not only are our picnic and family reunion invitation stationary one-of-a-kind, totally unique, and design, but they are exceptionally affordable and discounted throughout our site. These custom invitation stationery cards are an efficient, sensible, and practical means of inviting family members to your reunion picnic gathering.

Sample Picnic and Family Reunion Invitation Wording, Sayings, Verses, and Quote Ideas

Join us for our
Fifth Annual Picnic
We are turnin' on the grille
Hot dogs and hamburgers,
whichever your choice
The pool will be open
and the kids will have
plenty to play
Saturday July 15
at 12 noon
Greenwich Park

Join us for our
10th Annual Family Reunion
clam bake!

Saturday, September 12th
12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
800 Marine Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland

Kindly RSVP to Barb by September 5th
at 111-2233

This invitation is being sent for no special reason
All we want to do is celebrate the great season

Do join us for a backyard picnic and barbecue
at our place 789 Main Street
Saturday, November 6th at 11:30 a.m.

Let us know if you can come
Please RSVP Robin at 444.561.7894

It's time to open up
and let the sun shine in!
With a Fun Barbeque
among friends, family and neighbors

Saturday July 15 beginning at 12 noon

100 Main Street, City, ST
Wilton, CT

Carol and Robert

Regrets Only by July 3rd at 666-5645

Please join us for our annual

Swanson Family Picnic
Saturday, July 7, (year)
11:00 a.m. – Sunset

Clarkson Park, Pavilion 7
4561 Your Street, City, ST


Please bring a dish to share
RSVP to Jan by July 1st at 6669-4567

It's time to do some grilling and chilling
with a great ice cold brew
Head on over and join us for a picnic barbecue.

When: November 06, Saturday,
Where: 789 Main Street
Time: 11:30 a.m.

Regrets to Robin by October 29th
at 444.561.4567

The grille will be on with lots of
hot dogs and hamburgers,
just make your choice.

The pool will be open
and the kids will have plenty to play

Pleas join us for our
Fourth Annual Barbecue

July 23rd at 10:00 a.m.
Sunset Park
Street, City, ST

Hosted by: Susan and Steven

Regrets Only to Susan at 556-5674
by July 13th

We're Firin' Up the Grill
Gettin' Ready to Chill

There's no need to get all dressed
Casual clothes are what we request
when you come to our picnic.

See you at 789 Main Street
City, ST
Saturday 06 November at 1100 hrs.

RSVP Robin at 666-4567

You're invited to attend
the 14th annual
Hemsley Family Cookout
Tuesday, June 16, (year)
beginning at 10:00 a.m.
1675 Davis Street
Your City, ST

Becky and Darrell Gathering

RSVP to 555-6644 by June 6th

We're roundin' up a barbeque
and hope you'll join us for an hour or two
We'll serve dogs and burgers
so grab your hat and boots
and join us for some country hoots!

Saturday the 10th of June at 12 noon
Calf Pasture Beach
10 Ocean Ave, City, ST

Hosted by Jan and Jimmy

RSVP to Jan by Jun 1st at 333-4561

Hailey is turning 7!
She's having a picnic at the park
so on your calendar make the mark

August 6th, Saturday 3:30 p.m.
We'll hope to see you at Central Park
with lots of food fun and games

RSVP to Jen by July 30th at 999-6451

Summer Fun with Lots of Sun!

Please join us for our
5th Annual Family Reunion

July 31, (year) at 10:00 a.m.
Evangola Beach, Pavilion 12
Street, City, ST

RSVP by July 25th to 888-4567

Bring your skis and snowshoes
for the annual
Johnson Winter Wonderland Reunion
Friday, January 3rd - Sunday, January 5th

Itinerary as follows:
6-9 p.m. - Dinner and Slideshow
5:30 a.m. - Breakfast
6-11 a.m. - Ski competition
12:00 p.m. - Lunch
3:00 p.m. – Fun & More Games
8:00 a.m. - Breakfast & Departure

Cost per person & hotel information enclosed

RSVP to Joan by December 21st
at 444-567-1234 or

Hilburn Family Reunion!
Saturday, August 9th

Fun and festivities begin at 10:00 a.m.
Rain or shine
Greenberg Natural Park
City, ST

You'll definitely want to dress for the
warm weather and bring your swimsuits!

RSVP Janice Hilburn
210.555.1212 or



Creative Invitation Wordings for Family Picnics

Without a doubt, you'll want to impress friends and relatives you haven't seen in a long time with your invitations wording, which is why we guarantee to ship your order the same day. We deliver your invites, and our stationary is printed on quality, stylish and very durable card stock. You can have your cards printed in either portrait or landscape format, and we will print your return address on the back of each envelope for a small additional charge. This ensures your invites are ready for mailing when they arrive. Since picnics are meant to be laid-backed and casual, our invitation cards are created to project this theme and tone your gathering. We offer fun, colorful, and eye-catching designs that include details like picnic foods, outdoor grilles, scenic outdoor settings, and condiments. And, for Flag Day celebrations, you'll find lots of colorful patriotic designs along with the American flag. While shopping be sure and take advantage of our everyday special promotions like free shipping, 10 free cards, store wide discounted cards and more. Whether you're having an event in a large venue with your entire family, or planning a back yard, pool side party, we have affordable invites that will be ideal for your occasion.

Family Reunions and Their Growth in Popularity

The family reunion is for lots more reasons that a gathering of relatives. This has become a very popular means of passing on traditions and values, remembering the past, and paying tribute and celebrating elders of the family. This type event dates back for centuries, with its reported beginning in 18th century in and around Scotland. It is reported that those people who left the country to work in the city would return annually to their rural homes and attend family and religious gatherings. At that time, the primary focus has shifted from their spiritual purposes to more of a reconnecting with loved ones. And, even with the Scottish immigrants migrated to the U.S., it was continued.

Today's family reunions often take a variety of forms, as the modern day activities have evolved into much better planned and more elaborate gatherings at sometimes-exotic destinations. The original idea of a picnic at home has shifted from meaning one specific place has now centered on the people you are surrounded by without regard for where the event is actually held. These gatherings usually include a variety of planned activities and often with a wide variance in the time they last. When you began planning for your family reunion invitations, you'll want to ensure the invites you select will contain unique ornamentations. As you browse our collection, you'll see that our stationery cards have lots of differences based on the kind of gathering you are planning. Additional difference include if you are hosting a more formal or a casual gathering, and the theme you have chosen. At Holiday-Invitations, we take great pride in offering unique and distinctive cards for your celebration, along with helpful family reunion picnic thank you note cards for showing your appreciation.

Memorable Family Reunion Invitations Wording

Our add a photo feature has become very popular with invitations for family reunions. If you have a picture of your immediate family and want to add it to your stationery, it can be easily uploaded an added to any cards on our site. Adding your photo and using our own family reunion invitation wordings guarantee you guaranteed to have a totally unique and one-of-a-kind invite that all will be impressed with. This is an ideal way to share a photo of what's most important to you, your family. Our patented personalized and real time preview features make creating your very own stationary a snap. We print all cards on 80 pound, durable but light paper, and our invitation décor and embellishment are very appealing to everyone. Plus, our brightly colored party theme imagery is very popular. For instance, if you're planning a poolside gathering you can order cards with a pool in the design, and if you are having a backyard get together, you have the option of getting them with depictions of picnic baskets, patio furniture, picnic foods, barbeque grilles, and more! Our American flag theme is always a very popular 4th of July theme.

Professional Company Picnic Sayings

If you are careful, the morale of your employees gets lower and lower, especially in the hustle and bustle of today's society. And, oh so often, this can have a direct effect on productivity as businesses demands demand more and more and implement severe cost-cutting measures. Because of all the factors, lots of companies are looking for ways to boost morale without spending an arm and a leg. Then, why not consider the age-old company picnic? You can make them as simply and inexpensive as you want, or as big, elaborate and expensive as you choose. Consider one or more of these ideas: (a) the company's lunchroom; (b) the patio or grassy area of your business; (c) the nearest National park; (d) local theme party; and (e) other hot spots in your local area. So, most of your employees think they are working harder and being treated worse than ever before. Because of the even increasing productivity demands, employee morale is falling. A possible alternative might be to bring back that century-old idea - the company picnic. Planning an effective picnic for your company is not difficult and doesn't have to be expensive. The results might just be more grateful and productive employees

Festive Verses, Sayings, and Wordings for Family Reunion Picnic Invites Foods for Picnic

In today's environment, we all live in the fast lane and tend to want everything fast, even if we must give up some frills and fancies in our day-to-day life just to get things quickly. By their very nature, picnics embrace the slow pace of the day like a Spring afternoon when the biggest worry is having fun with a Frisbee, after you have decided on your family picnic invitation wording, saying, or verses. And, what about the food for these type event. Why not eat what you like, but do it in moderation and make it memorable. Eating these foods is not about how much you spend, but enjoying the entire experience, so relax and make it an event to be relaxing, enjoyable, and memorable.

Regardless of the type family reunion or personal or company picnic you are planning, look to our collection of picnic invitation wording to ensure you invites are just what you want.

Preview Your Family Reunion Invitation Sayings Before You Pay