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invitation wording reflect your overall theme and complement all aspects of your holiday party

Ensure Your Holiday Invitation Wordings and Greeting Holiday Card Sayings are Creative and Appreciated

Celebrating the holiday seasons is one of the great joys of life as there is always so much to celebrate. Practically any occasion can be transformed into a holiday theme. For instance, if you're planning a birthday party during March, you could adopt a St. Patricks theme and include green little leprechauns with Irish beer and lucky clovers. A baby shower during October could include some ghosts, goblins, and maybe even a haunted house. And, during the cold wintry months of December, you will, of course, want to use a Christmas theme with snowmen, a Christmas tree, holiday decorations, and so on for your holiday party invitation cards. For these special themed events, you'll definitely want your holiday invitation wording reflect your overall theme and complement all aspects of your holiday party. For these reasons, we at are proud to offer you exclusive use of our most creative and unique party holiday invitations wordings, sayings, and verse ideas to be used for your holidays throughout the years.

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Christmas Party Invitations
Christmas Greeting Holiday Cards Cinco de Mayo Mexican Parties
Easter Egg Hunt and Others Family Reunions Greeting Holiday Cards Halloween Celebrations
Hanukkah Religious Mardi Gras Parties New Years Celebrations Oktoberfest - Octoberfest
Picnic Invitation Cards St. Patrick's Day Gatherings Thank You Holiday Cards Thanksgiving Party

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Business – Company – Corporate Holiday Celebration Invitations & Greeting Cards


Colorful Candy Canes Holiday Business Christmas Party Invites

Candy Canes Business Holiday Christmas Party Invites



Remarkable Beauty

Snowy Business Company Holiday Greeting Cards



Business Merry Christmas Invitations

Business Christmas Holiday Party Invitation Cards


Christmas Party Celebration Invitations & Greeting Cards


Country Christmas Party Invitation Cards

Country Theme Christmas Party Invitations



Bright Greeting - Holiday Card



Christmas Ugly Sweaters Holiday Party Invitations

Ugly Sweaters Holiday Christmas Party Invitations


Cinco de Mayo Mexican Fiesta Party Invites


Cinco de Mayo Pinata Invitations

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Pinata Invitations




Margaritas Fiesta Party Invitation Cards

Margaritas Fiesta Mexican Party Invitation Cards


Chili Peppers Invites for Cinco de Mayo Party

Chili Peppers Invitations for Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Party


Easter Egg Hunt & Bunny Party Invites


Easter Basket Invitation Cards

Easter Basket with Bunny Invitation Cards




Easter Bunny Invitations with Eggs

Easter Bunny with Eggs Invitations


Easter Bunny Party Invites

Easter Bunny Holiday Party Invitation Cards


Greeting Christmas & Other Holiday Greeting Cards


Christmas Treeline Holiday Card

Treeline Holiday Christmas Greeting Card



Wrapped Greetings

Red Ribbon Wrapped Greeting Card for the Holidays



Berries and Leaves

Berries and Leaves Designs for Holiday Christmas Greetings


Halloween Spooky Invitation Designs for Scary Party


Cemetery Graveyard Halloween Invitation Cards

Graveyard Tombstones Halloween Scary Invitations



Halloween Invitation with Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Cobwebs Invitation Cards



Spooky Halloween Black Cat Invitations

Scary Black Cat Halloween Party Invitations


Hanukkah Chanukah Religious Ceremony and Celebration Invites


Hanukkah Invitation Cards

Hanukkah Religious Party Invitation Cards



Happy Hanukkah Invitations

Happy Chanukah Hanukkah Holiday Invitations



Peace in Jerusalem Invitations

Peace in Jerusalem Hanukkah Celebration Invitations


Mardi Gras Carnival Celebrations


Mardi Gras Invite Party Cards

Mardi Gras Celebration Party Invites



Masquerade - Invitation



Mardi Gra Masquerade Ball Invitation Cards

Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball Invitations


New Year's Eve & Day Party


Ringing in the New Year Party Invites

Ring in the New Year Party Invitations



Best Year Ever Photo New Years Card

Photo Holiday Greeting Card for New Year



New Years Party Invites with Bows and Glasses

New Year's Eve Party Invites with Bows Glasses


Oktoberfest Carnival Parties


Hanging Beer Oktoberfest Invitation Cards

Hanging Beers Oktoberfest Party Invitations



Oktoberfest Party Beer Mug Invitation

Oktoberfest Beer Mug Party Invite Cards



Oktoberfest Invitations with Beer and Pretzels

Oktoberfest Invitations with Beer Pretzels


Photo Holiday Invites & Greeting Cards


Snowflake Blessings Storyline - Photo Holiday Card



Believe - Photo Holiday Card



Jolly Chalkboard - Holiday Card - Crest


Picnic & Family Reunion Invitations


Backyard Barbecue - Party Invitation - Bright White

Backyard Barbecue Invitation for Family or Business



Invitations for Family Reunion Picnic

Invitation for Family Reunion Picnics



Backyard BBQ - Invitation

Backyard BBQ Family Reunion Invitations


St. Patrick's Day Celebrations


Celebration Invitation for St Patrick Party

Celebration Invitation for Luck Green St Patrick Party



Luck of the Irish - Save the Date Card



Lucky Clover Celebration - Invitation


Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invites


Autumn Invites for Thanksgiving Celebration

Autumn Invitations Thanksgiving Celebration





Thanksgiving Invite Gobbler Cards

Thanksgiving Gobbler Invitation Cards


Thank You Holiday Note Cards


A Time for Thanks - Holiday Card



Snowflake Thank You



Unending Thanks - Thanksgiving Card



Colorful Wording Ideas for Holiday Parties

Regardless of your holidays party style, either totally casual or sophisticatedly formal, there's one 'got to include' element that every invitation should include – the type and purpose of the party celebration. It's a bit incomplete to simple ask your invited guests to, say, 'you're invited to my Christmas party'. Those who receive your invites will probably be unsure if they should bring food, gifts, how to dress, and even if children are welcome. A better option could be something like, 'You are invited to the Thomas family Christmas small gift exchange." Attention to your beginning sentence should resolve most doubts, thus ensuring your celebration is off to a fun and successful beginning.

Formal Holiday Wordings Suggestions

If you are planning a formal holiday party and want to create wordings for these types invites, we offer some useful ideas. Begin with the name, such as 'Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson request the honor of your presence at their third annual Christmas holiday Ball'. Ensure the details are included such as the date, day, place, and time in just below the hostess name. You never should include information about party highlights, gifts, or dress codes in the formal invite. The formal fonts, wording, style, and nature of your stationary will provide guests with all the information they need.

Use complete words and no abbreviations, spelling out the day, date, year and so forth, as 'Saturday, December ninth, two thousand and twelve,' and not 'Saturday, December, 9, 2012'. Separate response cards are need if you want to confirm whether your invited guests will be attending, and these response cards, or RSVP cards, should be included with your invitations along with its own return address envelope, stamped, and reads 'Please respond by (date),' followed by two lines centered beneath the request. Begin the top line with the capital letter 'M' and ensure there is adequate space for your guest to insert his name, such as Mrs. Tyler. With the second line, you will have something similar to 'will / will not attend', which the invited guest should circle the appropriate choice before returning the reply. If directions are needed, they should be included in a small card that can fit easily in an evening purse or a man's wallet.

Semi-Formal Holiday Party Invite Wording Ideas

If you are planning a less formal type celebration, then your wordings should be polite but more relaxed, using such phrases as 'We invite you to join the Anderson family for Mardi Gras brunch'. For the dates, it is acceptable etiquette to write out all the dates and numbers or use standard Arabic numerals. However, whichever method you use, you should be consistent throughout your stationery card, such as 'Saturday, March 5, 2013' not 'Saturday, March fifth, 2013'. Your RSVP details may be included at the bottom, using courteous words like 'Please RSVP to Joan at 123-456-7890 by February 25, 2013'. If directions are needed, they can be included on a separate card or on the back of your invite.

We invite you to review our gigantic selection of wordings, sayings, verses, and quotes after deciding on the formality of your invite words. You'll find a wide variation in our database and of web pages dedicated to phrasing invites, not just for the Yuletide season, but for Mardi Gras, Hanukkah, Oktoberfest, New Year's, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the big holidays throughout the year. And, to ensure you already discounted cards are as affordable as possible, we offer 10 free cards and free shipping.

Your colorful holiday invitation wording can be created and composed easily and professionally right here at Holiday-Invitations.